The poem is interesting about it talks about how people are created and who had created them. It transmits the ideas of Epicureanism, which includes atomism and cosmology. He presents the principle of atomism, the nature of the mind and soul, explanations of sensation and thought, the world's development, and its phenomena. He explains a variety of celestial and terrestrial phenomena. It is not much information about how Lucretius intelligent when making reference to humans' cultural and technological development in his use of available material, tools, and weapons. I am not sure I like this poem, but it is helpful for me to know more about the history of a human being. The thing I want to know is how his life could compare to the goddess.

After I read this story, I realize love can become the power of woman hatred—especially those who have her own family like Medea. Medea’s husband, Jason, has abandoned her with two children to marry princess Glause, King Creon's daughter. Jason’s recent abandonment of that family has crushed Medea emotionally. Her…

Nghi Lam

TCC student

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